Let Us Continue The Discussion

Odd title for the first post of this site, no? Well, I suppose it is, unless you see where it all started, which it already has.

Back in August 2007, I started a podcast with two good friends called EaglesFanCast.  It was a way to get my geek on and jump into this fairly new medium called podcasting.  Back then it was mostly technology-based content being produced.  I’m a tech geek myself, and enjoyed listening to several.  I was tired of the “traditional media” radio stations, also called terrestrial radio now.  It was all the same music being played and commercials took up about twenty minutes of every hour.  I tired of it and started exploring other listening pleasures for my two-hour daily commute.  Podcasting was done by amateurs, mostly, and they talked about, and said, well, anything they wanted!  It was all fresh, it was fun, and I soaked it up.  Soon I wanted to jump in this new pool.

I did, with a podcast for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Why?  Because there was none out there, and I wanted to use it as a training ground for myself.  I honestly didn’t think it would last.  Here it is approaching five years with 128 episodes under our belts (as of this writing) and our listeners are all over the world.  EaglesFanCast is too much fun to do and we’ve met some amazing people.  In May the following year, I talked my wife into doing a podcast as a creative outlet as she was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an allergy to gluten.  Hold The Gluten is still going and even went through a rebirth in 2011, adding a co-host and expanding with interviews and more.  The show has been very well received by its listeners, and continues to grow worldwide.

Another project, Guys Up a Creek, started a few years ago, and is a blog geared toward the irreverence of the lives of “guys.”  It’s a project that has had growing pains, but is undergoing puberty, so to speak.

Other projects are being developed, and we also hope to bring others into the fold here.  All of it will be shared here if you want to keep up with all things Palaver Media.

So that, in a nutshell, is how this discussion, this… palaver, continues.  Visit and stay.  Tell others.

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