• Gluten-Free Back to School Survival Guide for Parents
    When my 11-year-old daughter Emma was diagnosed with celiac disease almost two years ago, I initially went into a pretty major panic. How would I ensure she was safely eating at school? Would she feel excluded from class parties because she no longer could eat the gluten-filled cupcakes? I’m a “fixer” by nature and this […]
  • Gluten-Free Update – Episode 79 Hold the Gluten
    Episode 79  “Gluten-Free Update!” Features: Maureen’s gluten-free dining on Montserrat   Importance of testing family members New Glutino Toaster Pastries Response to listener Erin about gluten-free products Response to listener Marla about Olive Garden Gluten-Free Menu New study about infections in infants causing CD Celiac Guidelines Roundtable sponsored by Children’s National to establish guidelines for […]
  • Gluten-Free Vacation Prep – Episode 78 Hold the Gluten
    Episode 78  “Gluten-Free Vacation Prep!” Features:    Maureen’s upcoming trip to Montserrat Flu shots – yay or nay? GF Chicken Nuggets taste test Where are Dunkin Donuts new gluten-free goodies? Pastariso Mac n’ Cheese Go Picnic pre-packaged meals Vanessa’s challenge – cooking savory meals with chocolate Traveling?  Check out Delight’s Travel site 2013 Expos – Maureen will […]
  • Hello Gluten-Free 2013! – Episode 77 Hold the Gluten
    Episode 77 “Hello Gluten-Free 2013!” Features: Maureen & Vanessa’s Holiday recap.  Gluten-free options for EZ Bake Ovens! Dunkin Donuts tests gluten-free goodies in Florida & Massachusetts. Trifle – it’s the new dessert… Maureen’s upcoming trip to Montserrat What do YOU think of the HTG Podcast? Leave your feedback wherever you download this. Read the blog. […]
  • Gluten-Free Holiday Frenzy – Episode 76 Hold the Gluten
    The latest episode of Hold the Gluten Podcast is now live! Episode 76 “Gluten-Free Holiday Frenzy” Features: Hanukkah gluten-free – latkes & brisket! Cheers to gluten-free alcoholic bevs Wholesome Chow‘s Gluten-Free Vegan Baking Mix Mike’s Hard Lemonade now gluten-free Maureen’s gluten-free holiday frustrations & pie crust debacle What do YOU think of the HTG Podcast? Leave your feedback wherever […]
  • Giddy Preseason – EaglesFanCast 184
    The Philadelphia Eagles played their third preseason game, the first on the road, against the Green Bay Packers.  The Birds lay down 39 points in the first half alone.  On top of that, quarterback Sam Bradford played a perfect game.  We reiterate… perfect.  He threw no incompletions, going 10 for 10 for 121 yards, and […]
  • Bradford and Murray – EaglesFanCast 183
    The second preseason game is in the books, and so is another 40 points from the Eagles!  It wasn’t just the high score that has us kind of excited, but also that our new quarterback Sam Bradford looked good, and took a few hits and felt good about it.  On top of it, our new […]
  • Preseason Optimism – EaglesFanCast 182
    The next phase of the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles has started with the first Preseason game in the books, with the Eagles beating the Indianapolis Colts on a very hot Summer day in South Philly.  Eagles fans were finally able to see, well, most of what coach Chip Kelly has built in this sometimes chaotic, and […]
  • Eagles Pre-Draft 2015 – EaglesFanCast 181
      Like so many of our years before, we are joined by the one and only Tommy Lawlor this week for his amazing analysis of the Eagles needs and fits in the 2015 NFL Draft. Only a few days until the Draft kicks off Thursday night, and only a small handful of people inside the […]
  • Tebow and the Schedule – EaglesFanCast 180
    We are joined tonight by our original team member, Eric Grigg!  We start the discussions with the latest entry into the Eagles quarterback pool, arguably  controversial, Tim Tebow.  It surprised a lot of Eagles fans considering coach Chip Kelly’s other moves at the position this offseason.  With five quarterbacks right now, it’s going to be […]
  • Times Of My Life I Will Never Get Back
    How many times have you encountered those moments, when you watched, read, listened, or participated in something where at the end you disgustedly thought, “Well there’s ten (twenty, thirty, etc.) minutes of my life I will never get back!” I said this just the other morning after reading an email from an uncle who is new to […]
  • Cutting the (Cable) Cord Part 2: How I Did It
    In Part 1, I described your options for cutting the cable cord. Here I disclose which option I went for and how I have it all set up. But first, a couple of minor changes and additions to Part 1: I’m sorry if you went to Part 1 looking for your options on how to cut a […]
  • Cutting the Cord Part 1: Your Options
    I recently joined the ranks of an exclusive club (well, sort of exclusive) and officially “cut the cord”. If you are unaware of the concept, cutting the cord means you get the satisfaction of telling your overpriced Cable provider to “go fuck yourself” and save some substantial cash in the process. I won’t go into the […]
  • On Being a Linchpin
    The highest level of management I’ve reached in my career is Operations Manager. It was a tough job, but I was successful. I was good at it. And it was an eye-opening experience for me. When I started, I had nothing to go on but instinct, and as it turns out my instincts were good. […]
  • How Weight Watchers Changed My Life
    So fellas, what was your first impression of the title? Did you call me derogatory names? Did you laugh? Why is Bryan talking about meetings of overweight women in spandex and over-sized shirts? If that’s what you think Weight Watchers is, you should listen up, because when a man of my level of skepticism shows […]